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In a significant development, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Indian Army have initiated the exchange of BrahMos Crew between their ranks of Captain and Major rank officers. This exchange program aims to train these officers to operate each other’s BrahMos Cruise missile Batteries, laying the foundation for their collaboration under the upcoming Integrated Rocket Force (IRF). The IRF is planned to be equipped with a range of missiles including BrahMos, Pinaka, Pralay, and sub-sonic cruise missiles.

The establishment of the Integrated Rocket Force will involve the transfer of responsibility for the existing BrahMos Missile regiments, which currently operate the supersonic cruise missile. This force is expected to be a tri-service organization, bringing together the expertise and capabilities of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, and Indian Navy. The objective behind the creation of the IRF is to develop a specialized force dedicated to non-contact conventional warfare.

The proposal to establish the IRF for non-contact conventional warfare was initially put forward by former Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Bipin Rawat, in 2021. Since then, efforts have been underway to expedite the development of both short-range and long-range conventional missiles. These missiles will play a crucial role in conducting major non-nuclear strikes against enemy targets, while separate initiatives continue to strengthen India’s nuclear triad for strategic deterrence.

By fostering cooperation and knowledge-sharing between the Indian Air Force and Indian Army through the BrahMos Crew exchange program, the armed forces are taking proactive measures to enhance their operational capabilities. This collaborative approach will enable seamless integration and coordination in the utilization of advanced missile systems. It signifies India’s commitment to bolstering its defence capabilities and ensuring a strong deterrence posture in both conventional and strategic domains.

As the development of the Integrated Rocket Force progresses, India will further strengthen its position as a technologically advanced and formidable military power. The concerted efforts to develop a diverse range of missiles highlight the nation’s resolve to safeguard its interests and maintain a robust defence posture against potential adversaries.

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