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During an interview with ABP News, Admiral R. Hari Kumar confirmed that the Indian Navy is proposing the procurement of a second Vikrant-class aircraft carrier of the same displacement as the first one, which is 45,000 tons. The purpose of this proposal is to capitalize on the trained workforce that was created during the manufacturing of the first aircraft carrier, while also having long-term plans for a larger aircraft carrier in the future.

According to Admiral R. Hari Kumar, the second Vikrant-class aircraft carrier will undergo design changes to accommodate next-generation platforms such as unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) on its flight deck for maritime operations. The Indian Navy is currently considering the procurement of deck-based unmanned strike combat vehicles based on the Ghataak platform, as well as HALE class UAVs that can operate from aircraft carriers.

Cochin Shipyard, which manufactured the first Vikrant-class aircraft carrier, is confident that it can reduce the construction time for the second aircraft carrier from 13 years to 7-8 years with the desired changes and modifications requested by the Indian Navy.

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