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Zen Technologies Limited, a leading defense training solutions provider based in Hyderabad, is looking to expand its reach beyond land-based combat training. Already a force to reckon with in its domain, with over 40 land-based Combat Training Simulators supplied to the Indian Army, Zen Technologies has set its sights on developing similar systems for the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy.

The company is currently in talks with both branches of the Indian military to create comprehensive training simulators for warship crew and fighter jet pilots. These advanced simulators would provide a realistic training environment, allowing aircrews and naval personnel to hone their skills and practice complex maneuvers in a safe and controlled setting.

This move by Zen Technologies signifies a growing trend in the Indian defense sector – the indigenization of critical military equipment and training systems. By developing these simulators domestically, India can not only reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers but also ensure the systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of its armed forces.

The success of Zen Technologies in the land-based combat training domain positions them well for this new challenge. Their experience and expertise in creating immersive and realistic training scenarios can be adapted to the unique requirements of air and naval combat.

Developing such sophisticated training systems will require close collaboration between Zen Technologies and the Indian Air Force and Navy. By working together, they can ensure the new simulators meet the highest standards and provide invaluable training for India’s military personnel.

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