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Edgeforce Solutions Private Limited, a Hyderabad-based company, is making significant strides in the field of demining with its innovative Remotely Operated Mine Protected Vehicle (ROMP-V). This unmanned platform holds immense potential for revolutionizing mine clearance operations, safeguarding personnel and enhancing efficiency.

The ROMP-V is a specialized mission support platform specifically designed to tackle the complexities of mine clearance. Remote operation eliminates the need for personnel to enter hazardous minefields, significantly reducing the risk of injury or death from detonations.

The ROMP-V’s robust build incorporates reinforced armor and mine-resistant features, offering exceptional protection against explosive threats. The ROMP-V boasts autonomous navigation capabilities. It can navigate pre-programmed routes and avoid obstacles independently, further minimizing human exposure to danger zones.

A high-definition video feed provides operators with a clear view of the minefield, enabling them to make informed decisions and control the vehicle remotely. ROMP-V is equipped with secure communication systems, ensuring reliable command and control over the vehicle’s operations.

Edgeforce Solutions’ ROMP-V represents a significant breakthrough in demining technology. This innovative platform has the potential to save countless lives by eliminating the need for personnel to directly engage with explosive hazards.

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