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A strategic partnership is taking shape in the Indian defense landscape, with the Adani Group committing ?1,500 crore to establish Hyderabad as a hub for manufacturing air-to-surface missiles. This investment, spread over the next two to three years, marks a significant step towards India’s goal of achieving self-reliance in critical defense technologies.

This move signifies a bold diversification for the Adani Group, traditionally known for its presence in coal, mining, and infrastructure. Their foray into high-tech missile manufacturing showcases the ambition and capabilities of Indian private companies to contribute to the nation’s defense needs.

The Hyderabad facility will focus on producing a range of DRDO-developed missiles, including the Rudram series, which holds immense potential for bolstering India’s defense capabilities. The Rudram-1, an anti-radiation missile, and the Rudram-2, a multi-role air-to-surface weapon, are two prime examples.

With a range of 300 kilometers and a top speed of Mach 5.5, the Rudram-2 packs a powerful punch. Its versatility lies in its interchangeable seeker heads. The PHH-IIR seeker transforms it into an anti-radiation weapon, capable of neutralizing enemy radar installations, while the IIR seeker equips it for anti-ground missions, taking out bunkers, airstrips, and hangars with precision.

The Adani Group’s investment extends beyond the Rudram series. The Hyderabad facility is poised to become a breeding ground for innovation, potentially manufacturing other DRDO-developed missiles and contributing to the development of future generations of air-to-surface weaponry.

This project holds immense potential for economic and strategic benefits. The investment is expected to create thousands of high-skilled jobs, boosting the local economy. Furthermore, the domestic production of these powerful missiles reduces dependence on foreign imports, strengthening India’s defense preparedness.

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