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Lieutenant General Surinder Singh Mahal on his visit to the School of Artillery located at Deolali imparts training, evaluates new equipment for induction and develops new concepts and doctrine for the application of artillery fire that showcased the Hybrid Pinaka Dual multiple rocket launcher that can be equipped with both 122mm Caliber Rocket and also 214 mm Caliber Rocket.

The Hybrid Pinaka Dual Rocket system can carry a Six 122mm rocket that has a maximum range of 40 km and saturate a target area the size of a football field with more than four tonnes of steel fragments and high explosives.

The Hybrid Pinaka DualRocket system can also accommodate six 214 mm Calibers Rockets like Pinaka Mk-I Enhanced and MK-II, Guided Pinaka) that offer a range of 45/60/75km range.

The Dual Rocket system will reduce the need for having a dedicated 122mm Caliber Rocket launcher and also reduce training for the crew that can operate both Rocket Calibers.

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