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On May 13th, 2024, Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF) Avadi celebrated a significant milestone with the rolling out ceremony of a new batch of T-90 Mark III tanks. The ceremony was held virtually and inaugurated by two distinguished guests: Lt. Gen. Vivek Kashyap (Director General of Armoured Corps) and Shri Sanjay Dwivedi (CMD AVNL).

This event marks a crucial step in India’s ongoing efforts to modernize its armored vehicle fleet. The T-90 Mark III is an upgraded variant of the T-90 main battle tank, likely incorporating advancements in firepower, protection, and operational capabilities. While details about the specific upgrades on the Mark III variant haven’t been publicly disclosed, the rollout signifies India’s commitment to maintaining a strong armored fighting force.

The ceremony itself was a proud moment for HVF Avadi and the Indian defense establishment. The attendance of several dignitaries, including Brig. Bharadwaj, CQA(AVA), Brig. Shriram Kumar, CQA(HV), and Mr. Rabin Medak, ADG/DQA(CV), highlighted the importance of this program.

While specific details regarding the T-90 Mark III tanks remain unknown, this rollout serves as a positive indicator of India’s defense preparedness. The upgraded tanks will likely play a vital role in safeguarding the nation’s security interests.