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Indian-state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has decided to activate two production plants to produce Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40 (HTT-40) basic trainer aircraft (BTA) with an annual rate of production to reach 20 units from 2026-27 onwards.

HAL plans to start with deliveries of 2 HTT-40 from Q4 2024-25 and ramp it up to 8 for 2025-26 and 20 units from 2026-27 onwards with IAF likely to take place orders for another 38 units around the same time taking total ordered aircraft to 108 units.

HTT-40 per unit cost is coming out to around $7 million per unit so far HAL has claimed that the order book from IAF will ensure that recovery of investment that it has made in the program has been assured. has learned that HTT-40 at least on the price point is turning out to be a cheaper offer than established basic trainer aircraft (BTA) and HAL is keen to explore the export market. has been told that a similar class of basic trainer aircraft (BTA) often cost as high as $8.5 million per unit without any maintenance package and HAL’s internal export potential report for HTT-40 put it to 200 units for that it plans to start aggressive marketing plans to countries that have inquired about it in past since now it has order books from IAF.

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