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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is eagerly awaiting a sanction order from the Indian Navy to commence the development of a new Utility Helicopter (Marine) based on the Advanced Light Helicopter Dhruv. This initiative aims to fulfil the warship requirements of the Indian Navy, with a projected demand of 50 units. HAL estimates a development timeframe of 2-3 years for the UH Marine.

The upcoming UH Marine helicopter will incorporate foldable rotor technology, which has been successfully demonstrated to the Indian Navy. This feature, combined with other modifications, will enable the helicopters to carry out reconnaissance, surveillance, and other essential operations as per the fleet’s requirements.

Currently, the Indian Navy operates ALH Dhruv Mark 3 helicopters, primarily utilized for land-based naval facilities due to the absence of foldable rotor capabilities. This limitation restricts their deployment on warships with relatively smaller parking spaces.

By introducing the UH Marine with foldable rotors, HAL aims to address this operational constraint and enhance the versatility of the Indian Navy’s helicopter fleet. The foldable rotor technology will enable the helicopters to be efficiently stored and deployed from warships, expanding their operational capabilities.

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