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Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Plans to secure order for the manufacturing of 240 AL-31FP jet engines soon, further bolstering India’s self-reliance in the defense sector. These engines will be used to power the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) fleet of Su-30MKI fighter jets, forming the backbone of the nation’s air defense.

The order comes after HAL successfully secured contract for 80 RD-33 engines for the upgraded MiG-29UPG fighter jets. The new AL-31FP engines will replace existing ones on over 110 Su-30MKI jets that have reached the end of their designated operational life. Notably, these replacement engines will boast a higher degree of indigenization compared to their predecessors, signifying a significant step towards India’s goal of self-sufficiency in defense equipment manufacturing.

While the specific use of these engines in the upcoming Su-30MKI UPG program remains unclear, they are expected to play a crucial role in modernizing the IAF’s fighter jet fleet. The 84 upgraded Super-30s planned for the UPG program will likely incorporate these indigenously manufactured engines, bolstering India’s airpower capabilities.

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