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In a significant stride towards advancing India’s defence capabilities, state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has initiated the procurement process for the components necessary to develop the CATS Warrior Loyal Wingman prototype. According to information provided to the IDRW team, HAL aims to roll out the prototype by early 2026, adhering to the planned timeline.

The CATS Warrior, part of the Combat Air Teaming System (CATS), represents a leap forward in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology. Designed to operate as a “loyal wingman,” this UAV will accompany manned aircraft on missions, enhancing their capabilities and survivability. The project, which commenced in 2018, garnered significant attention during its showcase at Aero India 2021.

The CATS Warrior is set to be a lightweight UAV, weighing less than one ton. It will be powered by a twin-engine configuration utilizing the PTAE-7 engines. These engines are 400 kg, 3.43 kN single-spool turbojets, originally developed in the 1980s. The twin-engine setup is expected to provide the necessary thrust and redundancy to ensure reliable performance in various operational scenarios.

The commencement of orders for the CATS Warrior prototype marks a crucial phase in the project’s development. By planning to roll out the prototype by early 2026, HAL demonstrates its commitment to enhancing India’s defence technology. The CATS Warrior is poised to play a pivotal role in modernizing the Indian Air Force’s operational capabilities, particularly in terms of force multiplication and enhanced mission flexibility.

This project not only showcases India’s growing prowess in UAV technology but also reinforces the nation’s strategic focus on self-reliance in defence production. As development progresses, the CATS Warrior will undoubtedly become a critical asset in India’s military arsenal.

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