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Indian State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) want to reduce the manpower hour required for manufacturing the Tejas Mk2 program when it enters production and is looking at more automation like scanning to avoid visual measurement of the airframe, and automated hole drilling on assembly of the aircraft airframe to cut cost and overhaul manhour required. has learned that HAL plans to only build a portion of the aircraft and increase its supply chain so it is working on plans to outsource many components from Indian companies. Tejas Mk1A program has provided a base to build on the next level of manufacturing tooling and production line that will be stressed on reducing the time required to make jets but also reach the Medium rate of production (MROP) at the shorter duration.

HAL is also looking at projection technology to reduce the time required to install fasteners in the aircraft thus reducing manpower hours required in checking blueprints. Plans are being made to reduce the number of pre-delivery flights with stringent pre-flight ground checks so that aircraft are delivered as and when it is ready.

IAF has committed to procure 108 Tejas Mk2 aircraft when it is ready for production from 2029 onwards but HAL is expecting an order for another 80-90 more jets in the second tranche since Tejas Mk2 will be replacing Mirage-2000, Mig-29UPG and Jaguar three fighter fleet from IAF from 2035 onwards.

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