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In a significant move towards strengthening India’s defence capabilities and achieving self-reliance in the aerospace sector, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is in the process of initiating price negotiations for GE Aviation’s F414INS6 engine. The confirmation comes from none other than CB Ananthakrishnan, the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of HAL, in an exclusive interview with Economic Times.

The F414INS6 engine is a critical component of India’s defence infrastructure, intended to power advanced fighter aircraft like the Tejas Mk2. This engine deal not only signifies an important partnership between HAL and GE Aviation but also embodies the essence of technology transfer and knowledge exchange, crucial for the development of indigenous aerospace technology.

Under the agreement, GE Aviation will be transferring a significant portion of engine technology to India. The deal encompasses the transfer of approximately 80 per cent of the engine technology, including sophisticated elements like coating for the hot end of the engine, crystal blades, and laser drilling technology.

This partnership marks a significant evolution from the 2012 deal, which was negotiated at a technology transfer rate of 58 per cent. Ananthakrishnan also revealed that GE Aviation has been asked to submit new quotes for the engine once it receives legislative clearance from the United States Congress. This clearance, expected later this year, will pave the way for the engine deal to move forward.

Additionally, HAL aims to involve Indian private sector companies in the supply chain of the engine ecosystem. This strategic move not only diversifies the supply chain but also ensures that the engine delivery program remains on schedule, meeting timelines effectively.

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