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State-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) officials speaking to have confirmed that the first batch of upgraded Tejas Mk1A fighter jets will commence deliveries from March 2024 onwards and all contract 73 jets will be concluded by 2028.

HAL officials also confirmed that the company will offer to manufacture additional 40-50 more units of the Tejas Mk1A sometime soon when the production line of the Mk1A peaks at 2026-27 to bridge the gap due to delays in the Tejas Mk2 program and due to falling squadron levels of the IAF.

Discretion of Placing additional orders of the Tejas Mk1A can only come from the Indian Air Force (IAF) acknowledged HAL official, but additional orders can help IAF replace other legacy jets like Jaguars in around 2030 before the production of Tejas Mk2 picks up around 2030.

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