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In a significant push towards self-reliance in critical defence technologies, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE) have joined forces to design and develop an indigenized variant of the GTSU-110M2 jet fuel starter. This upgraded starter will be specifically tailored for the Kaveri dry engine, a crucial component of the RPSA (Ghatak) fighter aircraft program.

The current GTSU-110M2 is a 110 kW power turbo shaft engine that serves as the jet fuel starter for the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas. This collaboration between HAL and ADE aims to leverage the expertise gained from the GTSU-110M2 program to create a more advanced variant specifically optimized for the Kaveri engine’s unique requirements.

The Kaveri engine is a potent indigenously developed engine that promises to propel the Ghatak fighter to new heights of performance. However, integrating a reliable and efficient starter system is crucial for ensuring smooth engine ignition and optimal operation. The customized jet fuel starter being developed by HAL and ADE will address this critical need, paving the way for the successful development and deployment of the Ghatak.

Enhanced Capabilities: The new starter is expected to boast several improvements over its predecessor. Potential advancements include:

  • Increased power output: To cater to the Kaveri engine’s higher power demands, the upgraded starter might feature a more powerful turbine, potentially exceeding the 110 kW capacity of the current GTSU-110M2.
  • Improved efficiency: The design could incorporate optimizations for better fuel consumption and reduced emissions, contributing to the overall sustainability of the Ghatak program.
  • Enhanced reliability: The starter will likely be subjected to rigorous testing and refinement to ensure dependable operation under diverse environmental and operational conditions.

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