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In a move to strengthen its defence capabilities and improve connectivity, Guyana, a South American nation, is exploring avenues for collaboration with India in various defence sectors. Capt. Gerald Gouveia, Guyana’s National Security Adviser, has expressed keen interest in acquiring two Dornier aircraft manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), along with other defence equipment such as patrol vessels, armoured vehicles, radar systems, and anti-drone technology.

The Dornier 228, a versatile twin-engine aircraft, has garnered Guyana’s attention due to its reputation as a reliable transport solution. HAL produces both transport and 19-seater civilian variants of the Dornier 228, making it an ideal choice for enhancing connectivity and logistics in the region.

Captain Gouveia’s visit to India has provided the opportunity for productive discussions with various Indian companies that offer defence products and solutions. His interest in procuring patrol vessels aligns with Guyana’s need to safeguard its maritime borders and ensure maritime security.

Additionally, Guyana’s pursuit of armoured vehicles reflects the nation’s commitment to modernize its military capabilities. Armoured vehicles are essential for troop mobility, protection, and response in challenging terrains or conflict scenarios.

Guyana also has shown interest in the Indian-made Radar system that the country plans to procure for enhancing situational awareness and enabling early detection of potential threats.

The issue of drone technology has gained prominence in recent times, and Guyana’s interest in both drone technology and anti-drone systems underscores its recognition of the importance of both offensive and defensive capabilities in this domain. Drones have proven their utility in various sectors, including reconnaissance, surveillance, and disaster response.

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