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GSL has signed a prestigious contract for the construction of next-generation TSH Dredgers (1+1) for a reputed European owner. This contract signing signifies GSL’s foray into foreign commercial shipbuilding and diversification in Hybrid Propulsion & Dredger construction.

The new dredgers will be equipped with advanced features and technologies, making them some of the most efficient and environmentally friendly dredgers on the market. The contract is a major win for GSL and positions the company as a leader in next-generation dredging solutions.

The contract signing is a significant development for GSL, as it marks the company’s entry into the foreign commercial shipbuilding market. GSL has a long history of building dredgers for the domestic market, but this contract is a major step forward for the company.

The contract also highlights GSL’s commitment to diversification in Hybrid Propulsion & Dredger construction. The company is investing in new technologies that will help to make its dredgers more efficient and environmentally friendly.