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General Dimitrios Choupis, head of Greece’s National Defence General Staff, recently made a significant visit to TASL (Tata Advanced Systems Limited) and Bharat Forge, two leading Indian defense companies. This visit highlights the growing collaboration between India and Greece in the military sector.

General Choupis toured the facilities of TASL and Bharat Forge. Photos show the General being briefed on the TASL ALS-50 loitering munition (drone), IVTOL 20 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System), Tata MPV (multi-purpose vehicle), and ammunition elements from Kalyani (a subsidiary of Bharat Forge).

Choupis comes on the heels of a recent high-level visit by the Greek Prime Minister, indicating a deepening strategic partnership between the two nations. The showcase of Indian-made military equipment suggests India’s interest in potentially exporting these technologies to Greece.

Loitering munitions, UAVs, armored vehicles, and ammunition are of particular interest to Greece. These systems align with Greece’s modernization efforts and could boost its military capabilities.

India and Greece are looking to strengthen their strategic partnership. Defense collaboration is a key area of focus, and this visit could pave the way for future deals and joint ventures.

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