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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, HAL’s Chief, CB Ananthakrishnan, said that the 80% Transfer of Technology (ToT) levels for F-414 engines secured by the company surpasses that of the Russian ToT levels secured for the AL-31F engines used in Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets. The AL-31F engines, vital components of the Sukhoi-30MKI, have a ToT level of around 47%. HAL has indeed made substantial strides by indigenizing 53% of the AL-31FP engine’s components, which are produced in Koraput, Odisha.

As part of this collaboration, the first batch of F-414 engines is expected to be manufactured in India three years after GE and HAL conclude the deal. The agreement encompasses various critical aspects of engine production, including machining and coating for single crystal turbine blades, fabrication of powder metallurgy discs, inertia friction welding for fan and afterburner components, laser drilling technology for combustor, special coatings for corrosion and erosion resistance, machining and coating of ceramic matrix composites for nozzle guide vanes, flaps, and other components, machining of thin-walled titanium casings, and polymer matrix composites for bypass ducts, among others.

In June, GE and HAL signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Washington to produce 99 F-414 engines for India’s Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk-2 program. This MoU is valued at approximately $1 billion and represents a significant step towards enhancing India’s defence capabilities. The deal includes an 80% transfer of technology (ToT), a testament to GE’s commitment to supporting India’s quest for self-reliance in defence production.

The F-414 engines are critical for several Indian fighter jet programs, beginning with the Tejas MkII program and extending to the Twin-Engine Deck-Based Fighter (TEDBF) and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA). These engines are designed to provide superior performance and capabilities, bolstering the Indian Air Force’s fleet.

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