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Godrej & Boyce’s business Godrej Aerospace has achieved a significant milestone by developing a high-temperature brazing process crucial for Aero Engine performance, marking a first for India. This innovation aligns with Godrej Aerospace’s commitment to fostering indigenous capabilities within the Indian aerospace sector.

The successful development of this brazing process strengthens India’s aerospace manufacturing ecosystem by offering a critical capability previously reliant on foreign technologies.

Aero Engines endure extreme environments, demanding turbine rotor blades that can withstand intense heat while maintaining optimal functionality. Godrej Aerospace’s brazing process addresses this need by sealing the tip and root openings of cast Turbine Rotor Blades in Aero Engines. These openings support the ceramic core used to create serpentine cooling passages, which are essential for air circulation within the blades.

This achievement marks another milestone in Godrej Aerospace’s dedication to technological innovation. Maneck Behramkamdin, Senior Vice President & Business Head of Godrej Aerospace, emphasized the significance of this development, stating it represents a major leap forward for India’s aerospace industry. He highlighted that this process, developed indigenously, not only satisfies the stringent requirements of modern aerospace technology but also showcases India’s potential in advanced manufacturing techniques.

Since its inception in 1897, Godrej & Boyce has played a pivotal role in India’s economic growth and self-reliance through investments in complex engineering, design-led innovation, and more recently, carbon-lite manufacturing. The company has also been instrumental in the development of key sectors like aerospace, energy, and security with its core industrial capabilities and global presence.

Today, Godrej & Boyce remains a market leader across 14 established businesses, making significant contributions to India’s space missions, clean energy goals, green construction, and intralogistics sectors. The company also delivers design-led and integrated smart solutions to meet the evolving aspirations of consumers worldwide, solidifying Godrej’s position as one of India’s most trusted brands.