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GE Aerospace CEO Amy Gowder has ignited excitement in India’s defence domain with the confirmation that the much-anticipated deal for co-manufacturing F414 INS6 engines with HAL will be finalized by the end of 2024. Both India and the US await final approvals from the Biden Administration and Pentagon for the groundbreaking deal.

Valued at over $1 billion, this deal represents a significant leap forward in India’s quest for self-reliance in fighter jet engine technology. Gowder emphasized the unprecedented level of technology transfer involved, exceeding even that offered to traditional US partners like Sweden and South Korea. This includes critical technologies like hot-end coatings, crystal blades, and laser drilling, pushing the boundaries of technology sharing between the two nations.

While the exceptional level of ToT has led to a more intricate approval process, Gowder expressed confidence in a year-end conclusion. This paves the way for HAL to commence production of locally manufactured F414 INS6 engines by early 2027. Beginning with an impressive 40% indigenization, HAL aims to scale this up to 80% by 2030, showcasing India’s rapid strides in aerospace manufacturing.

The F414 INS6 engines will breathe life into India’s ambitious fighter jet programs. They will power the Tejas MkII, a potent upgrade to the current Tejas Mk1A, and are also slated for the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) and Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) programs. This engine co-production project is not just about hardware; it signifies a deep strategic partnership between India and the US, cementing their defence ties and propelling India’s ambitions for a self-reliant, cutting-edge air force.

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