Defense PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and American General Electric are working out a deal that will see the manufacturing of the F414-INS6 low-bypass after-burning turbofan jet engine in India for the Tejas MkII, AMCA MkI, and TEDBF Program. Media reports have been reporting about the Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the program but it won’t be 100% like seen in the AL-31F engine deal that allowed India to manufacture Russian engines from the RAW material stages. has been told that the F414-INS6 engine compressor, combustion chamber module, gearbox, generators, etc that are essential components of the Hot Section (Core) will come from General Electric, while HAL will be given ToT for compressor discs and case, compressor spool, hubs, seals, and afterburner section, etc.

General Electric will supply engines in the agreed semi-assembled kit to HAL, while later will assemble the engine with components that it is in charge of local manufacturing in the country, including final assembly and testing. HAL also will be in charge of the Maintenance Repair Operations and local certification of these engines for the IAF.

F414-INS6 engine is an India-specific engine that will incorporate single-engine safety criteria, higher performance, and greater durability for single-engine operations and that slowly will be climatized for better operations in Indian conditions. This deal will give authority to HAL to carry out improvements and other changes to the engine components after consultation with GE, which includes components that will be initially supplied by GE which will raise the percentage share of Indian-made components in the engine.

GTRE and GE, Rolls-Royce, and Safran are also in talks for the development of an engine that has a thrust class range of 110-130kN to power AMCA MkII and later even 6th gen fighter types. ToT sought under this deal will include local production of the Hot and Wet Section of the engine that also includes India maintaining the Intellectual property of this engine that will enable India to locally manufacture this engine without any components coming from abroad.

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