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Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Limited (GRSE) that had secured a significant export order for the construction and supply of six patrol boats to the Department of Fisheries, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Awarded in July 2021 through competitive bidding, the contract valued at US $ 1,821,798.00 marks a successful venture for GRSE’s shipbuilding expertise in the international market as these vessels are nearing completion and will be delivered soon.

The patrol boats, each measuring 13 meters in length, are designed for versatile and robust performance in various maritime conditions. They will be utilized by the Marine Fisheries Surveillance Check-post (MFSC) of the Government of Bangladesh. The primary applications for these patrol boats include:

  • Surveillance Activities: Monitoring and patrolling fishing grounds to deter illegal fishing practices.
  • Shallow Water Operations: Thanks to their water jet drive, these boats can operate in shallow waters as little as 0.60 meters deep, making them ideal for diverse marine environments.
  • Day and Night Operations: Equipped for 24/7 operations, these boats will play a crucial role in maritime security, enforcement of fishing regulations, and the protection of marine resources.
  • Rescue Missions: The patrol boats will be instrumental in the retrieval of survivors, adding a critical search and rescue capability to the Bangladeshi maritime operations.

GRSE’s patrol boats are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure they meet the specific needs of the Department of Fisheries. The water jet drive system is particularly noteworthy, offering superior maneuverability and efficiency in shallow waters compared to traditional propeller-driven boats. This feature is crucial for the diverse and often challenging maritime environments in Bangladesh.