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For decades, the Indian Navy has relied heavily on Ukrainian-made marine gas turbine engines for its warships. However, recent geopolitical events have highlighted the vulnerabilities of depending on a single foreign supplier. This article argues that India should prioritize the development of indigenous marine engines for its warships, ensuring greater self-reliance and strategic autonomy.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has exposed the risks associated with depending on a single source for critical defense equipment. Disruptions in supply chains, potential sanctions, and limited control over upgrades and maintenance are all potential consequences. Developing indigenous marine engines would free India from this dependence, guaranteeing a steady supply of vital components for its warships.

A robust domestic marine engine industry would significantly enhance India’s strategic autonomy. The ability to design, manufacture, and maintain its own warship engines would empower India to respond swiftly to evolving maritime threats without being constrained by foreign suppliers. This self-reliance would strengthen India’s position as a major regional power.

Developing indigenous marine engines is a complex and resource-intensive undertaking. India will need to invest heavily in research and development, establish robust manufacturing infrastructure, and attract skilled engineers. Collaboration with private companies and academic institutions will be crucial for success.