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Stealth Wing Flying Testbed’ (SWiFT) was developed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), Bengaluru, a research laboratory under DRDO as a bridging gap towards the design and development of an indigenous Futuristic Unmanned Fighter Aircraft (FUFA).

FUFA will be powered by a 46kN Dry Kaveri engine and is expected to have a >10-ton AUW ( All-Up Weight) that will adopt a flying-wing scheme and incorporates the use of composite materials and stealth coatings to have reduced radar cross-section.

FUFA will sport an Internal Weapons Bay (IWB) that will carry both Air to Ground Precision Guided missiles and Air to Air Beyond Range Visual Range missiles to be used to take out Aerial targets.

ADE also has offered SWiFT, an 1100kg Turbofan-powered UCAV as a standalone program that can be armed with two hardpoints to carry two 50kg payloads externally.

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