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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has achieved a significant milestone with the mastery of small turbofan engine technology, specifically the Manik engine. This engine is set to propel India’s sub-sonic cruise missile program.

Developed by the Gas Turbine Research Establishment (GTRE) in Bengaluru, the Manik engine represents a crucial advancement in indigenous engine development. This small turbofan engine (STFE) is specifically designed for sub-sonic cruise missiles.

Manufacturing of the Manik engine is being undertaken by Godrej, marking a successful collaboration between private and public entities in India’s defense sector.

DRDO’s successful flight testing of the Manik engine paves the way for a multi-platform deployment of sub-sonic cruise missiles. Here’s a breakdown of the ongoing projects:

  • Ground-Launched Cruise Missiles: DRDO has already achieved success in testing ground-launched variants.
  • Submarine-Launched Cruise Missiles: Testing for submarine-launched versions is underway.
  • Air-Launched Cruise Missiles: Development of air-launched missiles is progressing.
  • Ship-Launched Cruise Missiles: The Indian Navy also plans to develop ship-launched variants, bolstering its offensive capabilities against warships.

The Manik engine and the development of various sub-sonic cruise missile platforms signify India’s strides toward self-reliance in defense technology. This indigenous capability strengthens India’s deterrence power and strategic presence in the region.