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The French Air and Space Force is poised for a prominent role in the Indo-Pacific region this summer, participating in two key deployments that demonstrate its rapid response capabilities and unwavering commitment to the area.

The deployments will see France dispatch its crown jewel, the Rafale fighter jets, alongside A400M Atlas transport aircraft and A330 MRTT Phénix tanker aircraft. This impressive display of aerial power is intended to highlight France’s ability to project airpower swiftly across vast distances.

A major highlight will be France’s participation in the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) inaugural multinational air exercise, Tarang Shakti-2024, scheduled for August. This exercise presents a valuable opportunity for France to showcase its air combat prowess alongside regional partners.

The deployments hold additional significance beyond military exercises. France has actively offered its Rafale jets for the IAF’s MRFA tender seeking 114 new fighter aircraft. Similarly, the A400M Atlas transport aircraft are contenders for the IAF’s MTA tender for 40 transporters. Additionally, France has proposed leasing an A330 MRTT tanker to the IAF for a three-year period.