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France is making a strategic push to leverage India’s growing defence manufacturing capabilities. This move aims to establish a long-term partnership focused on co-production and export of weapon systems.

The French government is actively encouraging its Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) to explore partnerships with Indian private companies. The goal is to manufacture French weapons in India, specifically for export to third-party countries.

The Mistral short-range air defence system and GM 200 radars are prime examples of systems French companies are keen to produce in India with private sector partners. This targeted approach allows for focused efforts and quicker implementation.

The emphasis is not solely on supplying the Indian military. France is looking to utilize India’s production capabilities to cater to a wider international audience. Lower production costs in India could give French weapons a pricing edge in the global market.

This initiative can significantly enhance India’s defence manufacturing ecosystem. Private sector participation in production will generate jobs, promote technology transfer, and contribute to India’s ambition of becoming a major defence exporter.

India has been actively pursuing defence exports in recent years. Participating in the production of French weaponry can provide Indian companies with valuable experience and access to new export markets.

By leveraging India’s manufacturing capabilities and France’s technological expertise, this collaboration could lead to a significant increase in defence exports for both nations.

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