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Big Cat Wireless, an innovative leader in 5G technologies, has joined forces with Forge, a dynamic incubator, to embark on a groundbreaking project aimed at transforming the strategic digital communication systems of the Indian Navy. This partnership emerged following Big Cat Wireless’ success in the iDEX DISC 8 Challenge, where they were recognized as one of the winners.

In 2019, the Indian Navy conducted the Theater Level Operational Readiness Exercise (TROPEX), a massive endeavor designed to evaluate the combat readiness of its naval units. This complex exercise involved the participation of over 50 ships, submarines, aircraft, and ground forces. It was a rigorous test of the Navy’s operational capabilities, highlighting the critical role of effective communication systems in coordinating operations seamlessly.

During TROPEX, real-time naval communication systems faced challenges that hindered operational coordination. These challenges underscored the urgent need for a comprehensive modernization of the Navy’s communication infrastructure. It was in response to this imperative that Big Cat Wireless emerged as a pivotal player in enhancing the Indian Navy’s communication systems.

Big Cat Wireless Pvt Ltd is renowned for its expertise in 5G technologies, offering cutting-edge solutions that include Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, baseband repartitioning, massive beamforming, dense servers, and low-power radios for the Internet of Things (IoT). Their capabilities enable the establishment of high-speed networks connecting a myriad of devices, making them an ideal partner for the Indian Navy’s communication modernization endeavor.

In collaboration with the Indian Navy through the iDEX DISC 8 Challenge, Big Cat Wireless and Forge are embarking on a mission to co-create innovative solutions. The focus of their collaborative efforts includes:

  1. Band-Based Spread Spectrum Technology: The development of secure transmission capabilities from a remote modem, leveraging advanced band-based spread spectrum technology. This innovation is poised to enhance the Navy’s communication security and reliability.
  2. Post-Quantum Encrypted FPGA Platform: The creation of a robust and secure Naval VSAT remote modem platform using post-quantum encryption technology. This cutting-edge platform promises to fortify the Navy’s communication infrastructure against emerging threats.