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IMAGE CREDIT : Peter Foster

Indian Air Force (IAF) has changed from its plans to procure an additional C-295M from the original order of 50 Transporter for its fleet as An-32 replacement aircraft after it floated a tender of the Medium Transport Aircraft (MTA) that was intended to replace ageing An-32 Medium-haul Transport aircraft.

IAF placed an order for 50 C-295M to replace its ageing fleet of Avro Hawker Siddeley HS748, turboprop military transport. Coast Guard will buy six more of its requirements and additional 15 units will be procured for Coastguard and Indian Navy. IAF initially was considering ordering more C-295M but has dropped this plan.

Under MTA, IAF plans to procure up to 80 units of Medium-haul Transport aircraft that can carry cargo payload from 18-30 tons for which it already has started receiving bids from Aerospace manufacturers while it has an extended deadline to send bids to the end of March.

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