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Abhishek Modi, the Managing Director of Swadeshi Empresa Private Limited, has seen his company’s fortunes soar following a substantial contract win with the Indian Navy. Swadeshi Empresa recently secured orders valued at 182 crores for the supply of 50 firefighting robots to the Indian Navy. This remarkable achievement has propelled Abhishek Modi into the spotlight.

The success story began when Swadeshi Empresa’s firefighting robot underwent rigorous testing aboard INS Vikrant, where it participated in extensive user trials. Over a span of two months, the robot demonstrated its capabilities in locating and extinguishing fires effectively. The trials proved the robot’s worth as an invaluable asset in combating onboard fires, enhancing safety, and protecting naval vessels.

The Indian Navy’s trust in Swadeshi Empresa’s firefighting robot has not only bolstered the company’s reputation but has also opened doors to international opportunities. Abhishek Modi revealed that inquiries have been pouring in from other countries interested in acquiring these cutting-edge firefighting robots.

Currently, Swadeshi Empresa is in advanced discussions with marines from Egypt and the UK regarding the potential acquisition of these firefighting robots for their respective marine operations. This development underscores the global appeal and demand for Swadeshi Empresa’s innovative firefighting technology.

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