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For those who continue to question the Apollo Moon landings, here’s some compelling evidence captured by a non-NASA space agency. India’s Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, launched in 2019, trained its high-resolution camera on the Apollo 11 and 12 landing sites. The resulting images provide a detailed view of the lunar surface, including the Apollo hardware left behind.

These images, captured by a completely independent space program, offer a clear perspective on the Apollo missions. The presence of the lunar landers on the Moon’s surface provides strong visual proof of human presence there.

The Apollo missions weren’t just a technological marvel; they represented a significant leap forward for humanity. The evidence, including the latest images from Chandrayaan-2, continues to solidify this achievement.

As we look towards future lunar exploration endeavors, the Apollo missions serve as a lasting inspiration, reminding us of what we can accomplish when we push the boundaries of human potential.