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Ethiopia, a nation in the Horn of Africa, is inching closer to becoming the first African country to procure arms from India, according to sources familiar with the program told This potential deal, expected to be finalized by mid-2024, marks a possible turning point in Ethiopia’s military procurement strategy.

While specifics of the agreement remain under wraps, speculations point towards Ethiopia’s interest in acquiring anti-drone systems, small arms, and potentially a more significant weapons system. Traditionally, Ethiopia has relied heavily on Russia and China to fulfill its military needs. This upcoming deal with India signifies a potential diversification of its arms suppliers.

While the reports of an impending deal are intriguing, some uncertainties remain. The exact nature of the weapons systems under consideration and the finalization of the agreement itself are still to be confirmed through official channels.

Regardless of the specific reasons, this potential deal signifies a growing relationship between India and African nations in the defense sector. It will be interesting to see how this deal develops and if it paves the way for further military cooperation between the two sides.

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