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The upcoming Netra MkII Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS), based on the Airbus A321 platform, will introduce a range of improvements to its capabilities. The system is designed to perform functions such as Search, Detect, Track, Identify, Integrate Sensor Data, Communicate with Ground and Air Stations, Conduct Threat Evaluation, Assign Weapons and Intercept Control, Intercept and Analyze Communication Signals, and Conduct Border Control and Surveillance of Economic Zones.

One significant enhancement in the AEW&C MkII is the integration of a new and improved AESA-based Primary Radar (PR). This advanced radar system offers an extended range, providing a broader coverage area. Additionally, insiders familiar with the matter have confirmed idrw that the upgraded radar will possess enhanced capabilities to track ballistic missiles.

This development allows the AEW&C MkII to directly relay crucial information about ballistic missiles to ground stations, benefiting the Ballistic Missile Defense system’s radar system. This improvement aids in better projectile tracking and calculations, further bolstering the defence capabilities.

AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) aircraft, renowned for their ability to track airborne objects, including ballistic missiles, play a crucial role in missile defence. Equipped with advanced radar systems, these platforms provide valuable data on the trajectory, speed, and location of ballistic missiles, empowering military forces to monitor and respond effectively to such threats.

The improved primary radar on the AEW&C MkII, coupled with complementary surveillance assets like ground-based radars, satellites, and other aircraft, ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the missile threat landscape. The AEW&C MkII’s primary radar boasts an extended range compared to its predecessor, Netra MkI. Its enhanced radar systems and sensors empower the system to efficiently track ballistic missiles over long distances, providing essential data for effective defence operations.

The introduction of the Netra MkII AEW&C system brings advanced capabilities to the table, making it a valuable asset for monitoring and countering missile threats. With its upgraded radar system, it significantly enhances India’s defence capabilities and strengthens its situational awareness in addressing airborne threats, including ballistic missiles.

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