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The BrahMos missile, a testament to India’s engineering prowess, continues to impress. Dr. Sanjeev Joshi, Deputy CEO of BrahMos, highlights the missile’s exceptional quality, evident in the continued use of older variants by the Indian Armed Forces.

One key factor behind BrahMos’ longevity is its “hermetically-sealed” design. This essentially means the internal components are encased in a watertight and airtight environment. This protection shields the missile from external elements like moisture, dust, and corrosion, ensuring reliable performance over an extended period.

The fact that the Indian Armed Forces are still effectively utilizing BrahMos missiles from vintages as far back as 2005/7 speaks volumes about the system’s quality. Dr. Joshi’s statement underlines this point – these older missiles, despite their age, are performing efficiently even in 2024. This extended service life signifies the robust design and construction of the BrahMos.

The BrahMos missile system serves as a critical pillar of India’s defense infrastructure. Its long-lasting performance and continued relevance are a testament to the ingenuity of those who developed and continue to maintain it.