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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has raised concerns worldwide, but officials have assured that it will not affect the supplies of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) ordered by the Indian armed forces. Nor will it impact ongoing projects to upgrade older Israeli origin equipment.

The Indian Army and Navy have recently placed orders for four Hermes 900 drones using emergency financial powers. These medium altitude long endurance drones will be manufactured in India by Adani Elbit at a facility in Telangana. This facility has a proven track record, having already delivered on export orders.

The four drones were acquired for just below Rs 600 crore under special financial powers that allow quick selection and signing of contracts for emergency requirements. Deliveries of these drones are expected to take place by next year.

Despite the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, officials have confirmed that this will not impact the delivery of the Hermes 900. “Most of the components are already here and the UAVs are being made in India. They will be delivered by next year,” sources said.

This assurance comes as a relief to the Indian armed forces, which rely on these UAVs for various operations. The conflict had raised concerns about potential delays or disruptions in the supply of these critical assets. However, with the UAVs being manufactured in India, the impact of the conflict on their delivery is expected to be minimal.

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