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The Russia-Ukraine war has painted a stark picture on the battlefield: missile-based air defence is no longer optional, it’s essential. The proliferation of cheap drones wreaking havoc on expensive air defence systems has driven home a crucial point – nations need affordable, locally produced missiles to counter this emerging threat. Enter the Akash-NG interceptor, a game-changer for India’s air defence capabilities.

The Akash-NG’s arrival couldn’t be more timely. Its focus on tackling smaller aerial threats like drones, UAVs, and rockets aligns perfectly with the evolving battlefield landscape. With its advanced tracking and engagement capabilities, it promises to be a formidable shield against these low-cost, disruptive technologies.

To address the critical need for rapid replenishment in case of conflict, the Akash-NG brings a crucial innovation: multiple vendors. By involving both private and public sector units, India is paving the way for faster and more cost-effective production. This not only ensures quicker delivery of missiles to the Armed Forces but also keeps the price tag down, making it a win-win for both national security and the national budget.

Developed with both Army and Air Force variants in mind, the Akash-NG caters to the diverse needs of each branch. This ensures comprehensive air defence coverage across land and sea, leaving no blind spots for enemy drones to exploit.

Nearing its developmental trials and soon-to-commence user trials, the Akash-NG is rapidly approaching full deployment. This swift progress signifies DRDO’s commitment to providing the Armed Forces with the tools they need to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving battlefield environment.

Akash-NG’s arrival marks a turning point for India’s air defence. It’s a cost-effective, locally produced solution to a global challenge, and its integration into the Akash AD system signals India’s readiness to face the evolving threats of the modern battlefield. As the Akash-NG takes flight, India’s skies look a lot safer.

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