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India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has completed trials of its 30-kilowatt laser weapon system, marking a significant leap in directed-energy weapon technology. This high-powered system is now ready for mass production and user trials.

The laser weapon boasts an impressive operational range, capable of neutralizing helicopters and drones up to 5 kilometers away. DRDO highlights the potential for further extending this range, making it even more effective against aerial threats.

DRDO’s vision extends beyond ground-based applications. They have concurrently developed a Shipborne Laser Weapon System (SLWS) utilizing the same core technology. This lightweight system, weighing less than 8 tons, offers the flexibility of deployment on warships while remaining adaptable for integration onto trucks for use by the Army and Air Force.

An integral Electro-Optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor provides the laser weapon with 360-degree coverage. This sensor suite, along with user-defined Detection, Recognition & Identification (DRI) ranges, ensures precise targeting capabilities. Additionally, the system is equipped to jam communication and control signals, as well as positioning satellite signals employed by drones, further enhancing its defensive capabilities.

DRDO emphasizes the system’s exceptional mobility. The 30-kilowatt laser weapon can be transported by air, rail, road, and sea, enabling rapid deployment to respond to emerging threats across diverse terrains.

DRDO is now working on a bigger 300kW Laser System that can be used to take out sub-sonic cruise missiles and other projectiles.

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