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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is gearing up for another round of developmental tests for its Very Short-Range Air Defence System (VSHORADS). This round will focus on engaging targets within a shorter range, a crucial step towards user trials.

In February 2024, DRDO successfully conducted two test flights of the VSHORADS missile against high-speed unmanned aerial targets at its upper operational limit of 6 kilometers. These tests validated the system’s capabilities for engaging distant threats.

The upcoming tests will specifically target distances less than 1 kilometer away from the launch platform. This is essential to ensure the VSHORADS can effectively neutralize low-altitude aerial threats at close quarters, a critical capability for battlefield deployment.

Successful completion of the lower-limit trials will pave the way for user trials. During user trials, the VSHORADS will be evaluated by potential military users under real-world conditions, providing valuable feedback for further refinement.

The VSHORADS, designed as a man-portable system, is envisioned to be a vital tool for Indian ground forces. It will provide effective protection against a variety of close-range aerial threats, including helicopters and low-flying aircraft.

The upcoming lower-range tests mark a significant step forward in the development of the VSHORADS. With successful completion of these tests and subsequent user trials, India’s air defence capabilities are poised to be further strengthened by this indigenous system.