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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) has successfully demonstrated its cutting-edge swarm technology for mine neutralization, marking a significant milestone in India’s underwater defense capabilities. This achievement, showcased during the DRDO Year End Review, promises to revolutionize the way we combat underwater threats like mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

At the heart of this technology lie autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), designed to work in tandem and efficiently detect and neutralize underwater targets. The image above captures these AUVs in action, showcasing their sleek design and advanced sensors.

At the heart of the demonstration were Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), capable of autonomously navigating and neutralizing underwater mines and improvised explosive devices (UWIEDs). These agile underwater drones, pictured above, collaborated in a swarm configuration, effectively blanketing the designated area and ensuring comprehensive threat elimination.

A Versatile Weapon Against Underwater Threats

The DRDO swarm technology boasts impressive versatility, proving effective against a wide range of underwater targets. This includes:

  • Mines: Ground, moored, floating, and drifting mines are all vulnerable to the swarm’s targeted attacks.
  • Depth Charges: These explosive devices used for destroying submarines are no match for the swarm’s precise neutralization capabilities.
  • Torpedoes: These underwater projectiles can be intercepted and neutralized by the swarm before they reach their intended targets.
  • IEDs: Improvised explosive devices planted underwater pose a significant threat, but the swarm’s adaptability allows for their efficient detection and destruction.

DRDO’s swarm technology represents a significant leap forward in underwater defense. Its ability to rapidly and effectively neutralize a wide range of threats makes it a game-changer for the Indian Navy and paves the way for a more secure maritime future.

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