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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is set to receive orders for limited-scale production of its indigenously developed Nirbhay cruise missile, marking a significant milestone in India’s missile program. This comes after successful tests of the Manik engine, a locally developed turbofan engine designed specifically for the Nirbhay.

Previously, the Nirbhay relied on the Russian-supplied NPO Saturn 36MT engine, limiting its self-reliance. However, the Manik engine’s successful testing paves the way for a more independent and potentially more cost-effective missile system.

Both the Air Force and Army are eager to induct the Land Attack variant of the missile, capable of striking targets deep within enemy territory with a range of 1,000 km. This land-based version promises to enhance long-range strike capabilities and serve as a potent deterrent against potential adversaries.

DRDO successfully tested the submarine-launched variant of the Nirbhay in 2023, achieving a range of 403 km. While a full-range test for 500 km is still pending, this underwater capability adds another dimension to India’s strategic arsenal.

The Air-launched variant of the Nirbhay is still under development, showcasing India’s intent to possess a diverse range of aerial launch platforms for this versatile missile.

The limited-scale production paves the way for further refinements and operational assessments before mass production. This cautious approach ensures the missile meets the demands of the armed forces and delivers optimal performance.

The indigenous Nirbhay, powered by the Manik engine, represents a significant leap forward in India’s self-reliance in cruise missile technology. This advancement empowers the nation to safeguard its strategic interests and respond effectively to emerging threats.

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