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Satellite imagery reveals promising progress in the development of DRDO’s joint LRDE-GTRE Test Facility Centre at Rajankunte, India. Notably, GTRE’s Twin Test Cell, a crucial component capable of testing future engines exceeding 130kN thrust, is clearly visible in the images.

This project signifies a significant advancement in India’s indigenous engine development capabilities. The groundwork for the facility, encompassing Civil Works and Allied Services for the Engine Test Facility along with ancillary work for GTRE, commenced in September 2023. Consultancy work for the project began two months prior, in July 2023.

The construction is slated for completion by October 2025, with a commendable focus on awarding the majority of the work to Indian vendors. This not only bolsters domestic expertise but also fosters self-reliance in the country’s aerospace sector.

The upcoming facility will boast the capability to test a wide range of engines, including those employing Axi-symmetric nozzles and the more advanced Thrust Vectored Nozzles (TVN). This versatility will prove instrumental in propelling India’s development of cutting-edge propulsion systems for its future fighter jets and other advanced aerospace vehicles.

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