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In a significant leap forward, the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) concluded 2023 on a high note, confirming the successful completion of Field Evaluation Trials for the Dharashakti Electronic Warfare (EW) System. This state-of-the-art system encompasses a comprehensive array of entities designed to address Control, Counter Measures, Jamming, Reconnaissance, and Direction Finding in diverse terrains such as deserts and plains.

The Dharashakti EW System boasts an intricate configuration comprising multiple entities, each serving a specific purpose in enhancing the electronic warfare capabilities. The key components include the Control Center Entity, Counter Measure Control Entity, Jammer UAV Entity, Reconnaissance and Direction Finding Station Radar, Jammer and High Band Entity, Jammer Interceptor Mobile Entity, and Jammer Station Very Ultra High Frequency Entity.

One of the primary focuses of the Dharashakti EW System lies in Communication Intelligence (COMINT) and jamming, making it a versatile asset for operations in deserts and plains. The completion of the field evaluation trials signifies a crucial milestone, validating the system’s effectiveness and reliability in real-world scenarios.

The Control Center Entity serves as the nerve center, coordinating and orchestrating the various entities within the system. The Counter Measure Control Entity enhances the defensive capabilities by effectively countering electronic threats. The Jammer UAV Entity provides a strategic aerial platform for jamming operations, adding a dynamic dimension to the system’s capabilities.

The Reconnaissance and Direction Finding Station Radar contribute to situational awareness, enabling precise identification and location of electronic signals. The High Band Entity focuses on countering threats in the high-frequency spectrum, ensuring a comprehensive electronic warfare defense.

The successful completion of field trials for Dharashakti signifies a major step forward in India’s quest for robust EW capabilities. This system will empower the Indian Armed Forces to:

  • Disrupt enemy communications: Jamming enemy radio, radar, and other electronic signals can hinder their ability to coordinate attacks and share information.
  • Protect friendly forces: By deploying countermeasures against enemy electronic attacks, Dharashakti can safeguard Indian troops and equipment from harm.
  • Gain the upper hand: Accurate reconnaissance and direction finding capabilities allow Indian forces to pinpoint enemy positions and gain valuable tactical advantage.

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