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The Defence Research and Development Organisation’s (DRDO) CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation (CSIR-CSIO) has issued a request for the H-Series Head Up Display (HUD) for India’s Intermediate Jet Trainer (IJT) aircraft.

A Head-Up Display (HUD) is a transparent display system integrated into an aircraft’s cockpit. It projects critical flight information, including airspeed, altitude, angle of attack, navigation data, and even weapon aiming information, directly onto the pilot’s line of sight. This allows pilots to maintain situational awareness and make informed decisions without constantly looking down at traditional instrument panels. This is especially beneficial during training maneuvers, where pilots are honing their skills in dynamic environments.

The H-Series HUD, developed by CSIR-CSIO, offers a wide field of view of 25 degrees, with an instantaneous field of view of 20 degrees in elevation and 18 degrees in azimuth. This expansive view ensures that trainee pilots have all the necessary information readily available, allowing them to focus on mastering flight controls and procedures.

Key Features of the H-Series HUD:

Wide Field of View: Enhances situational awareness for trainee pilots.
Transparent Display: Overlays information onto the real world, minimizing distraction.
Advanced Projection Technology: Delivers crisp and clear information in various lighting conditions.
By integrating the H-Series HUD into the IJT aircraft, CSIR-CSIO aims to provide Indian trainee pilots with a modern and effective training platform. This will equip them with the necessary skills and situational awareness for a smooth transition to advanced combat aircraft.

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