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In a groundbreaking development showcased in the DRDO Year End Review of 2023, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) unveiled the first image of a land-based system of the Extended Range Anti-Submarine Rocket (ERASR). This technological marvel, developed by the Armament Research & Development Establishment (ARDE), signifies a significant advancement in India’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

The ERASR completed successful trials from Ship and Launcher Trials in 2023, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of anti-submarine weaponry. Developed by ARDE, the Extended Range Anti-Submarine Rocket (ER-ASR) is designed to enhance the range of the existing RGB-60 Anti-Submarine Rocket from 5.3 km to an impressive 8.0+ km. The successful trials validate its effectiveness in real-world scenarios, setting the stage for its potential deployment in naval operations.

One of the standout features of ERASR is its incorporation of two motor propulsion systems. This unique design allows the rocket to be fired in Short Range mode and Long Range mode, providing different range capabilities ranging from 500 meters to an impressive 8900 meters. This adaptability ensures that ERASR can effectively engage submarines across various distances, catering to the dynamic nature of maritime threats.

The unveiled image showcases the first land-based system of ER-ASR, This land-based variant demonstrates the versatility of ERASR, enabling deployment in strategic locations to bolster coastal defense capabilities. The system is meticulously designed to intercept submarines at specific depths, showcasing its precision and effectiveness in anti-submarine operations.

ERASR offers tactical flexibility with the capability to be fired in both single and salvo modes, depending on mission requirements. This adaptability allows for a tailored response to specific operational scenarios, enhancing the overall efficacy of anti-submarine missions. The ability to deploy ERASR in salvo mode further emphasizes its potential to overwhelm and neutralize submarine threats effectively.

ER-ASR is specifically engineered to intercept submarines at specific depths, demonstrating a high degree of sophistication in its targeting capabilities. This feature ensures precise and accurate engagement, minimizing the risk of collateral damage and enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of naval operations.

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