In a significant development, India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is set to conduct a missile test launch from the Digha coast in West Bengal, marking the first time the state will host such an event. Typically, DRDO utilizes the neighboring state of Odisha for missile testing activities.

The launch is scheduled for late February or early March, with the Junput coast near Digha serving as the designated launchpad. The West Bengal government has collaborated with DRDO by providing the necessary land for the launchpad construction. Interestingly, another missile will be launched simultaneously from Balasore, Odisha, raising questions about the purpose of this dual launch.

Experts speculate that DRDO might be researching the mid-air interception capabilities of missiles, aiming to understand how two missiles can “intercept” or disengage each other during flight. This development holds significant implications for India’s missile defense program, potentially leading to advancements in this critical area.

It’s noteworthy that DRDO prioritizes environmental considerations. Despite the upcoming launch, the organization has chosen to pause missile testing at Wheeler Island off the Odisha coast during the olive ridley sea turtle nesting season (January to March). This decision highlights DRDO’s commitment to protecting endangered species and maintaining ecological balance.