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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is set to receive the first AESA-based Primary Radar (PR) with long-range for the AEW&C MK-II Program by mid-2024. DRDO will soon commence integration work on the Six Airbus A-321 aircraft that were acquired from Air India before it was sold to Tata Group.

AEW&C MK-II is designed to provide Long Endurance and enhanced Coverage of operation. It will be capable of searching, Detecting, Tracking, Identifying, integrating sensor Data, and communicating air Situation Pictures to Ground and Air Stations. It will also have a Self Protection Suite (SPS) with a Missile Approach and Warning System, Radar Warning Receiver & Counter Measures Dispensing System.

AEW&C MK-II will be equipped with a Tactical Mission Computer, a Real-time display of the Integrated Tactical Air Situation Picture, and Advanced Multi-Sensor Data Fusion, for enhanced Air Situational awareness, which aids in faster and more reliable decisions. It will also be integrated with IACCS.

AEW&C MK-II is expected to commence flight trials by late 2025-26 and the first aircraft will be delivered to the Indian Air Force (IAF) by 2027.
The AESA-based Primary Radar (PR) is an upgraded Radar that was first seen on the Netra MkI Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AEW&CS) Platform. The same radar will also be used on the Netra Mk1A program that will be based on the ERJ-145 aircraft. Three Netra Mk1s already have been inducted by the IAF.

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