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India’s Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is making strides in aerial warfare with the development of a new turbojet-powered loitering munition. This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), essentially a flying bomb, boasts impressive capabilities designed to enhance the Indian military’s offensive edge.

With a range exceeding 100 kilometers, the drone can hit targets well beyond the immediate battlefield, offering strategic flexibility. Designed to function effectively day and night, even in harsh weather conditions, the drone ensures mission readiness in diverse scenarios.

The munition can engage both stationary and moving targets, making it adaptable to various combat situations. A “sophisticated” two-way data link allows for real-time communication and target identification, while the integrated dual electro-optic/infrared sensor provides superior situational awareness.

The loitering munition can be launched from a variety of platforms in the Indian arsenal, including gunships, helicopters, and large unmanned aerial systems (UAS). This allows for strategic deployment based on mission requirements.

DRDO plans to commence ground-based trials likely from 2025 onwards, Turbojet to be used in the program is not clear but it could be GTRE developed 3.3kN STFE variant that the company was developing but it could be too big or powerful for a loitering munition program so Turbojet might be of even lower capacity.

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