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Ameya Precision Engineers has been awarded a contract to supply Empty PCB Warhead Assemblies for the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)’s advanced Rudram III missile. The delivery is expected to take place before the end of this year, marking a significant milestone in India’s indigenous missile development program.

Rudram III is an air-to-surface missile with a remarkable range of 550 kilometres and a peak terminal speed of Mach 5. Designed to neutralize heavily fortified military installations, this missile can engage a variety of targets, including radiating targets and ground-based infrastructure such as bunkers, buildings, and shelters.

DRDO is set to begin captive flight trials of the Rudram III next year. These trials are crucial for validating the missile’s performance, reliability, and integration with the intended delivery platforms. Successful completion of these trials will pave the way for the missile’s induction into the Indian Armed Forces.

Key Features and Capabilities
  • Passive and Active Dual-Mode Seeker: Rudram III is equipped with both passive and active seeking capabilities, enhancing its targeting precision and flexibility in various combat scenarios.
  • Lock-On Before Launch Capability: This feature allows the missile to lock onto its target before being launched, ensuring higher accuracy and effectiveness.
  • High Maneuverability: The missile’s design enables it to perform complex maneuvers, making it capable of evading enemy defenses and striking targets with precision.
  • All-Weather, Day-and-Night Operation: Rudram III is built to operate under all weather conditions and during both day and night, providing strategic advantages in diverse operational environments.
  • Supersonic Speed: Maintaining supersonic speed throughout its flight, the missile ensures rapid response and minimal exposure to enemy countermeasures.

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