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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is gearing up for a leadership change as its current chairman, Dr. Samir V. Kamath, prepares to retire on May 31st after a nearly three-year tenure. This leadership transition coincides with a period of significant transformation within the DRDO.

A high-powered committee led by former government advisor Prof. K. VijayRaghavan recently submitted a report outlining the need for the DRDO to develop cutting-edge technologies for future war scenarios. This vision necessitates a leader who can steer the organization towards these ambitious goals.

To fill the vacancy left by Dr. Kamath’s retirement, a screening committee has identified three potential candidates from within the DRDO. All three individuals are highly respected scientists with extensive experience:

  • Dr. B.K. Das: Currently serving as the Director General (Electronics & Communication Systems), Dr. Das is the seniormost among the shortlisted candidates.
  • Dr. Suma Varughese: As the Director General of Micro Electronic Devices, Computational Systems and Cyber Systems, Dr. Varughese’s expertise lies in a critical area for modern defense.
  • Dr. Ummalaneni Raja Babu:¬†Leading the DRDO’s Missiles and Strategic Systems division, Dr. Babu brings a wealth of knowledge in a vital domain of national security.

The government is currently evaluating these proposed candidates to select the most suitable leader to guide the DRDO through its upcoming transformation and ensure India remains at the forefront of defense technology development.